Introductory Note

Manuscript of Karl Wiegl Symphony #5
Holograph full score of Symphony No. 5, detail from page 1 with Weigl's opening performance indication

Works are listed by the title originally given them by the composer or his publishers. English translations are provided for works with German titles that were composed before emigration; after October 1938 Weigl almost always gave his works English titles. Some works bear opus numbers, but these numbers offer no reliable guidance to the date of composition, as Weigl usually assigned them to a work only when it was accepted for publication; there are a few interesting exceptions to this rule. Where opus numbers were assigned posthumously this is noted with publication information.

Works are sorted, and can be searched for, by title, date of completion, or genre. For additional information about an individual work click on "Details" to navigate to the full page.

Karl Weigl’s music remains under copyright and is represented by Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI). Materials for performance and study are available from two principal sources. The American Composers Alliance (ACA), the publishing arm of BMI, holds most of the nonorchestral works; many are available in reprint or newly engraved editions, others in scanned manuscript copies. The Edwin A. Fleisher Collection of Orchestral Music, a public lending library within the Free Library of Philadelphia, holds full scores and parts for the orchestral works. Most of the small works, if desired for study or inquiry, are also available from the Karl Weigl Foundation.