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Our current project: to bring Karl Weigl's Second Symphony back to life
Our goal: to raise $30,000

To help defray the costs for concert performances and a recording of Weigl’s Second Symphony—that includes preparing the score and parts and securing a world-class orchestra—the Karl Weigl Foundation will have to raise ca. $30,000. We hope to get some funding from grants, but your help will be vital!

Karl Weigl’s monumental Second Symphony is one of his most striking works. It is a direct and explicit response to the life-altering experience of World War I. Weigl worked on this symphony for more than three years, incorporating into it dreamy reminiscences of motives from earlier works. The third movement Adagio he titled Pro defunctis, as a requiem dedication to fallen soldiers everywhere.

The Grammy-winning conductor John Mclaughlin Williams has been studying Karl Weigl's chamber and orchestral scores since he first discovered the composer as a student at The New England Conservatory of Music. He is convinced that the Second Symphony counts among Weigl's most profound and deeply felt utterances, and he feels that this, among the many Weigl scores that await further performances and recordings, is the work that most urgently demands exposure and dissemination.

The Karl Weigl Foundation is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization. Your donation is therefore tax deductible.

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