Selected Writings by Vally Weigl

Published Writings
Unpublished Writings

Published Writings

“About Rhythm and Its Effects on Kinetic Impulses.” Bulletin of the National Association for Music Therapy (May 1961): 9-11.

“Early Childhood Recollections.” In Elena Fitzhum and Primavera Gruber, eds., Give Them Music: Musiktherapie im Exil Am Beispiel von Vally Weigl. Wiener Beiträge zur Musiktherapie 6. Vienna: Praesens, 2003, 185–95. (Read text)

“Functional Music, a Therapeutic Tool in Working with the Mentally Retarded.” American Journal of Mental Deficiency 63, no. 4 (January 1959): 672.

“Functional Music in Various European Institutions.” Bulletin of the National Association for Music Therapy (May 1954): 12.

“Functional Music with Cerebral Palsied Children.” Music Therapy (October 1954): 135–43.

“Give Them Music.” The Crippled Child (April 1957): 13-15. (Read text)

“Music as an Adjunctive Therapy in the Training of Children with Cerebral Palsy.” Cerebral Palsy Review 15, no. 10 (October 1954): 9–10.

“Music for the Retarded.” Music Journal (January 1969): 56–57.

“Music Therapy—Thoughts and Recollections.” Long Island Jewish World (14–27 December 1973): 5, 10.

“Music Therapy in Finland.” Bulletin of the National Association for Music Therapy (January 1959): 9–10.

“The Rhythmic Approach in Music Therapy.” National Association for Music Therapy Yearbook. Lawrence, Kansas: Allen Press, 196; see also earlier unpublished version, below.


Unpublished Writings

“Answers to Questions regarding Creative Work in the Field of Music.” Manuscript, 6 pages, n.d.

“Arts for World Unity Statement.” Typescript, 3 pages, 3 March 1982. (Read text)

“The Handicapped Need Music.” Typescript, 11 pages, ca. 1954–1956.

“In welcher Weise kann Musik den Genesungsprozeß bei körperlich und geistig Behinderten günstig beeinflussen?” Typescript, 12 pages, ca. 1953–1954; German translation of the unpublished essay “In Which Way.”

“In Which Way Can Music Be of Help in the Rehabilitation of the Physically or Emotionally Handicapped?” Typescript, 11 pages, ca. 1953–1954; see also the German translation, “In welcher Weise kann Musik . . .”

“Learning and Social Adjustment Through Music and Rhythm.” Typescript, 15 pages, ca. 1961.

“Music in Therapy and Rehabilitation.” Typescript, 7 pages, 1954–1955.

“The Rhythmic Approach in Music Therapy.” Paper presented at the Orff Conference on Elementary Music Education, Toronto University, 28 July 1962. Typescript, 19 pages; see also published version above.

“The Status of Music Therapy in the United States.” Typescript, 16 pages, 1960–1963.