Three Songs for soprano and orchestra

Full title Three Songs for high female voice (soprano) and orchestra / Drei Gesänge für hohe Frauenstimme und Orchester
Date composed 1916
Details 1 Heimkehr / Homecoming; vocal range: c'–a''
2 Hymne / Hymn; vocal range: e'–a'
3 Geständnis / Confession; vocal range: a–a''

Composition completed 26 June 1916.
Texts by Riccarda Huch; English translations by Vally Weigl.
Orchestration: 2, 2(2nd alt. E.H.), 2(2nd alt. B.Cl.), 2/4, 3, 3, 1/Hp./Timp.,Perc./Str.
Manuscript sources KWF holograph score (20, 16, 14 pp.), with composer's note at end: KW 26./VI 1916; see also NYPL JOB 73-122, holograph working score (presumably preceding the fairly clean KWF holograph score); NYPL JPB 99-7 no. 23, photocopy of the KWF holograph score; and NYPL JOB 73-124, Paul Josef Frankl's holograph piano reduction.
Publication details KWF (2019).
Availabiity Score and parts for performance soon to be available from KWF; digital scan of holograph score for study also available from KWF.
Performances (click icon to expand or collapse list)
21 February 1924 Dortmund, 6th Donnerstag-Konzert: Henny Wolff, soprano; Städtisches Orchester Dortmund, cond. Wilhelm Sieben.