Dances from Vienna

Full title Dances from Vienna for two piano four hands / Tänze aus Wien
Date composed 1939
Details Immediately upon having completed the orchestra work Old Vienna on 3 March 1939 Weigl turned to arranging that work for piano; this arrangement, completed less than two weeks later, on 15 March 1939, is available in two versions, one for two pianos, the other for piano four hands. Like the orchestra work, the piano version goes both under the original title Tänze aus Wien / Dances from Vienna and that of the published orchestra version, Old Vienna.
Performance duration: ca. 14 min.
Manuscript sources NYPL JOB 73-108, holograph (20 numbered pages), with both German and English title on title page, followed by: New York, March 1939 Karl Weigl; holograph includes some unnumbered pates with pencil sketches as well as additional date at end of score: 15./3. 1939. See also Old Vienna and The City that Was.
Availabiity Performance score available from KWF.