Four Seasons

Full title The Four Seasons, cantata for children’s or women’s chorus with piano, compilation, arrangement, and choral settings of old folk songs / Die vier Jahreszeiten, Liederspiel für Kinder- oder Frauenchor mit Klavier, Zusammenstellung, Bearbeitung und Chorsatz nach alten Volksweisen und Liedern
Date composed 1935
Details 1. Die Jahreszeiten / The Four Seasons (dance song)
2. Winteraustreiben / Driving the Winter Out (16th-century folk song)
3. Komm lieber Mai / Come, Sweetest May (words by Christian Overbeck; music by Mozart)
4. Frühlingsgruß / Welcome to Spring (words by August H. Hoffmann von Fallersieben; music by Robert Schumann)
5. Frohe Botschaft / Glad Tidings (words and melody by August H. Hoffmann von Fallersieben)
6. Maientanz / Dance in May (18th-century song)
7. Johannisreigen / Misdummernight Dance (dance song from the Rhineland, 1819)
8. Frau Nachtigall / The Nightingale (old German tune by Christophorus Demantius)
9. Froschgesang / Frog's Song (four-part round from the Rhineland)
10. Klapptanz / Clap Dance (traditional folk song)
11. Es geht eine dunkle Wolk' / A Dar'ning Cloud (from the Thirty Years' War)
12. Herbstlied / Autumn Song (words by Salis-Seevis; melody by Johannes Friedrich Reichardt)
13. September Kanon / September Canon (three-part round, 1822)
14. Frisch auf zum fröhlichen Jagen / Come on, the Hunt Is Now Starting
15. Hoppheißa, wir tanzen / Hey, Come now, oh Let Us Go Dancing (traditional dance song)
16. Der Winter / The Winter (folk song)
17. Ein Lied, hinter'm Ofen zu singen / A Song to Be Sung by the Fireside (words by Matthias Claudius; melody by Johannes Friedrich Reichardt)
18. Winter-Kanon / Winter Canon (four-part round)
19. Herberglied / Song of the Inn (Austrian/Bavarian melody)
20. Es ist ein Ros' entsprungen / Lo, how a Rose e'er Blooming
21. Susani / Susanni (Christmas melody from Thirty Years' War)
22. Die vier Jahreszeiten / The Four Seasons (no. 1 repeated)

Compilation and arrangement of preexisting folk tunes, songs, and dances. Composed 1935, according to the stamped date on a copyist's manuscript.The work seems to have been a collaboration between Karl Weigl and Vally Weigl; on several piano scores Vally Weigl adds her name to that of Karl Weigl, and she included the work in various lists she compiled of her works.
Texts from twenty-one German and English folk songs; English translations by Vally Weigl.
Performance duration: ca. 60 min. (composer's estimate).
Manuscript sources  
Availabiity Piano-vocal score and both German and English texts available from KWF.
Performances (click icon to expand or collapse list)
23 February 1935 Vienna, Wiener Urania, Jugendnachmittag Musik ist in der Welt: Kinderorchester and Kinderchor des Mädchen-Realgymnasiums Beatrixgasse, cond. Elsa Weigl-Pazeller, with Karl Weigl, piano.
30 November 1935 Vienna, Neuer Saal der Hofburg, 25-Jahr-Feier des Mädchenrealgymnasiums Beatrixgasse: Kinderorchester and Kinderchor des Mädchen-Realgymnasiums Beatrixgasse, cond. Elsa Pazeller, with Karl Weigl, piano.