Two Religious Choruses of Our Time

Full title Two Religious Choruses of Our Time for four-part mixed chorus a cappella
Date composed 1942
Details 1 Thy Will Be Done
2 Hymn

Composition of no. 1 completed 19 August 1942; no. 2 completed 29 August 1942.
Texts by John Whittier.
Scoring: SATB
Manuscript sources NYPL JOB 73-162, collection of 17 holograph scores; see also JPB 99-7 no. 5, photocopy of holograph piano reduction, with composer's note concluding Thy Will Be Done: Bass River: 8/19 1942 KW; and concluding Hymn: Bass River August 29th KW; see also JPB 78-22, holographs and reproduction of holographs.
Availabiity Score (Composers Facsimile Edition) available from ACA and KWF