Love Song

Full title Love Song for voice and piano / Liebeslied für Stimme und Klavier
Date composed 1936
Details Composed 1936.
Text by H. F. Schell; translated into English by Vally Weigl.
Original version: for soprano or tenor; vocal range: eb'–ab''.
Revised version: for mezzo-soprano or baritone; vocal range: db'–gb''.
Manuscript sources NYPL JOB 73-115, holograph score. See also NYPL JPB 78-21, copyist's [?] score (1 folded folio), with later addition of English title and texts.
Publication details Not published in composer's lifetime.
Availabiity Score of original version available from KWF.
Performances (click icon to expand or collapse list)
2 December 1989 Chicago, University of Chicago, Goodspeed Recital Hall, Viennese Crosscurrents, Karl Weigl, Neo- Romanticism, and the Modernist Movement, concert 2: Love Song and Seven Songs op. 1 (Bruce Tammen and Kit Bridges); Five Songs from Phantasus op. 9 (Elsa Charlston and Kit Bridges); Five Duets for soprano and baritone nos. 1 and 3 (Elsa Charlston, Bruce Tammen, Kit Bridges). Also on program: Berg, Seven Early Songs; songs by Wolf, Mahler, and Korngold.
2 October 1999 Budapest, Benczúr Ház, The Music of Karl Weigl Memorial Concerts, concert 1: Three Songs op. 12 nos. 2 and 3, Love Songs op. 22 nos. 3 and 4, and Love Song (Evelyn Chih-Yih Chan and Bárkányi Eva); Two Pieces for cello op. 33 (Maróth Balint and Bárkányi Eva); Five Duets for soprano and baritone (Evelyn Chih-Yih Cha, Michael Kutner and Bárkányi Eva); String Quartet No. 4 (Akadémia Quartet [Környei Zsófia, Bodó Antónia, Móré László, Maróth Bálint)].