Children’s Songs op. 11

Full title Childrens Songs for voice and piano op. 11 / Kinderlieder für eine Singstimme und Klavier op. 11
Date composed 1918
Details 1. Morgenlied / Morning Song (Wunderhorn); vocal range: f'–g''
2. Zum Einschlafen / Going to Sleep (Wunderhorn); vocal range: eb'–eb''
3. Regenlied / Rain Song (Groth); vocal range: f'–f''
4. Abendlied / Evening Song (Groth); vocal range: d'–e''
5. Im Frühling / In Spring (Groth); vocal range: e'–f#''
6. Wiegenlied im Freien / Open-air Lullaby (Wunderhorn); vocal range: f#'–g''
7. Im Frühling, wenn die Maienglöckchen läuten / In Spring when the Bluebells Ring (Wunderhorn); vocal range: f#'–g''

Texts by Klaus Groth and from Des Knaben Wunderhorn; translated into English by Ronald V. Smith. Weigl composed an entirely new setting of Groth's Regenlied for his Five Songs for soprano and string quartet.
Composed 1918, according to a holograph works list of 1938, where Weigl refers to the work as Sieben Kinderlieder and indicates that the set opens with a song titled “Wacht auf, ihr lieben Kinderlein” [as yet unidentified]. Some time after 1938 Weigl revised the work for two-part children's, or women's, chorus (or soli) and piano; at that time he also dropped the original German text, leaving the English translation only.
Dedication on title page of published Strache score: Meiner lieben Maria zum Geburtstag.
Manuscript sources NYPL JPB 78-23, holograph score. See also NYPL JPB 99-7 no. 28, copy of the published Strache score.
Publication details 1920, Edition Strache. Today publisher of record is ACA.
Availabiity Scores (both solo and choral versions) available from ACA; score (solo voice version) available from KWF.
Performances (click icon to expand or collapse list)
26 January 1932 Vienna, Neuer Frauenklub, Liederabend moderner österreichischer KomponistenOtti Hey, singer; Karl Weigl, piano (nos. 4 and 6). Also on program: works by works by Franz Mittler; Fritz E. Pamer; Joseph Marx; Alban Berg; Ernst Krenek.
4 March 1933 Vienna: Marianne Mislap-Kapper, alto; Franz Mittler [Franz Kurzweil?], piano.