Love Songs op. 22

Full title Love Songs for voice and piano op. 22 / Liebeslieder op. 22
Date composed 1904–1944
Details Original version:
1. Liebeslied / Love Song (text adapted from Jonas von Jodl)
2. Das Rosenband / The Wreath of Roses (Klopstock)
3. Zweifelnder Wunsch / Undecided Wish (Lenau)
4. Beatrix (Walter Calé)
5. Mailied / May Song (Goethe)

Revised version 1932:
Nos. 1–5 as above with the addition of one new song to conclude the cycle as no. 6. Der Phönix / The Phoenix (Heinrich Heine)

Final version, ca, 1944:
All but no. 5 as in 1932 version, but that song, Mailied, now replaced by Abendgang zur Geliebten
1. Liebeslied / Love Song (adapted from Jonas von Jodl); vocal range: c# ‘–g#''
2. Das Rosenband / The Wreath of Roses (Klopstock); vocal range: eb'–g''; also notated in a version for a lower register
3. Zweifelnder Wunsch / Undecided Wish (Nikolaus Lenau); vocal range: eb'–g''
4. Beatrix (Walter Calé); vocal range: eb'–f#''
5. Abendgang zur Geliebten / Evening Walk to the Beloved (Heinrich Hart); vocal range: bb–gb''
6. Der Phönix / The Phoenix (Heinrich Heine); vocal range: d'–ab''

Original version composed 1908; revised version ca. 1932; final revision ca. 1944. No. 4, Beatrix, was originally titled So nimm denn meine Seele. No. 6, Der Phönix, originally concluded the cycle Lieder von Heinrich Heine / Five Heine Songs, where it shows a completion date of April 1904.
Texts translated by Vally Weigl.
Dedication of the 1944 final revision: To our dear children Etta Ruth & Johnny on their WEDAY.
Manuscript sources NYPL JOB 73-117, holograph score of original version, titled: 5 Lieder für hohe Singstimme und Klavier / K.W.; and NYPL JPB 78-23, copyist's[?] score of final revised version, titled Liebes-Lieder für hohe Singstimme und Klavier op. 22. See also NYPL JOB 73-103, holograph score of Lieder von Heinrich Heine, where Der Phönix is added to that five-song cycle as no. 5 and concludes with the note: 19./IV. 1904 K.W.
Publication details Not published in Weigl's lifetime. Today the publisher of record is ACA.
Availabiity Performance score available from ACA and KWF.
Recordings No. 4, Beatrix: George Shirley and David Garvey (LP: Orion ORS 81407, 1973).

Love Songs for voice and piano op. 22: no. 4, Beatrix
Evelyn Chih-Yih Chan and Bárkányi Éva

Love Songs op. 22: no. 1, Liebeslied / Love Song
Betty Allen and David Garvey

Performances (click icon to expand or collapse list)
12 January 1910*** Vienna: Liederabend Elsa Pazeller: Elsa Pazeller, soprano; Karl Weigl, piano (nos. 1 and 4)***. Also on program: works by Brahms; Schumann; Zemlinsky; Wolf.
3 March 1973 New York, Lincoln Center Library for the Performing Arts, Mahler—Weigl Program: Rosalind Rees, soprano; Vally Weigl, piano (no. 4). Also on program: Gustav Mahler, songs and Piano Quartet Movement in A Minor.
19 October 1974 New York, Donnell Library, Austrian Institute and Bruckner Society of America, Mahler—Weigl Program:Edmund Le Roy, baritone; Vally Weigl, piano (no. 1).
2 October 1999 Budapest, Benczúr Ház, The Music of Karl Weigl Memorial Concerts, concert 1: Three Songs op. 12 nos. 2 and 3, Love Songs op. 22 nos. 3 and 4, and Love Song (Evelyn Chih-Yih Chan and Bárkányi Eva); Two Pieces for cello op. 33 (Maróth Balint and Bárkányi Eva); Five Duets for soprano and baritone (Evelyn Chih-Yih Cha, Michael Kutner and Bárkányi Eva); String Quartet No. 4 (Akadémia Quartet [Környei Zsófia, Bodó Antónia, Móré László, Maróth Bálint)].