Pied Piper, The

Full title The Pied Piper of Hamelin op. 24 / Der Rattenfänger von Hameln op. 24
Date composed 1932/1934
Details Märchenspiel in vier Bildern / Children’s Play in four scenes; libretto by Helene Scheu-Riesz; arranged for musical setting and supplied with song texts by Rudolf Stephan Hoffmann; all texts later translated into English by Sylvia Spencer Welch. 
1. Vorspiel / Prelude
Bild 1 / Scene 1
2. Chor der Ratten / Rat's Chorus
3. Lied des Rattenfängers / Song of the Pied Piper
Bild 2 / Scene 2
4. Der Rattenzauber / The Rat's Enchantment
5. Choral (Nun danket alle Gott) / Chorale
6. Rattenfänger und Kinderchor / Pied Piper and Children's Chorus
7. Zwischenspiel / Interlude
Bild 3 / Scene 3
8. Die Kinder im Berge / The Children in the Mountain
9. Die Kinder verlassen den Berg / The Children Leave the Mountain
Bild 4 / Scene 4
10. Die Kinder kehren heim / The Children Return Home
11. Finale

Orchestration: tenor, children’s chorus, speaking parts, 1,1,1,1,/horn/timp. (2 players)/perc./piano, harmonium/strings.
Most of the work was completed in 1932, but Weigl composed three additional sections in the two years following; the last of these additions bears the conclusion date 17 October 1934. See also Weigl's arrangement of the work as an orchestral suite.
No. 3, Lied des Rattenfängers / Song of the Piper, can be performed separately by voice and piano; vocal range D4–A5.
Performance duration: ca. 90 min.
Manuscript sources NYPL JOB 73-141, holograph of full score (7 folded folios [25 numbered and some unnumbered pages]), with composer’s datings at the ends of all sections. Most of the work—nos. 1 and 3–10—was completed in February and March 1932, the dates clustering between 2./III. [or possibly 2./II.] 1932 at the end of the Prelude to 6./III at the end of the Finale. A newly inserted no. 7, the Interlude, bears the date 20./IX. 1932. Three additional new sections—nos. 2a (which possibly replaced a discarded original no. 2), 4a, and 7a (Ballet)—were completed in October 1934; 4a, the last of these three new sections to be completed, is an extended 19-page section ending with the indication “Attaca No. 5 (Choral)” and the date and signature 17./X. 1934 / KW.
Publication details 1932, Universal Edition: U.E. 10.425, piano-vocal score, arr. Ernst Simon; U.E. 10.436, chorus score); and U.E. 10.430, libretto, German and English.
Availabiity Piano reduction and orchestral score and parts available from ACA; orchestral score and parts for the numbers that make up the suite, piano reduction, choral score, and libretto available from KWF.
Performances (click icon to expand or collapse list)
June 1932*** Vienna, Im Hause von Frau Ottavio Schmitzr: Hermann Nagel, tenor; M. Schell-Noe, actor; Karl Weigl, piano.
1 May 1943** New York, Trinity Church: Musical Arts Studio, dir. John Gutman, with Julius Burger, music director; Gordon Davis, stage director; Mario Giacolone, technical director; William Toole, chorus director (performance repeated 2 May 1943).