Five Songs op. 10

Full title Five Songs for contralto or mezzo-soprano and piano op. 10 / Fünf Lieder für eine tiefere Frauenstimme op. 10
Date composed 1907
Details 1. Märchen / Dreams (Hermann Runge; translated into English by Vally Weigl); vocal range: ab–d''
2. Jesus (Peter Baum; translated into English by Lydia Perera and Vally Weigl); vocal range: bb–g#''; also available in a version for a lower register
3. Der toten Mutter / To My Dead Mother (Paul Grotowsky; translated into English by Lydia Perera and Vally Weigl); vocal range: b–g#''
4. Fremd geh' ich unter den Fremden / Lonely I walk among strangers (Walter Calè; translated into English by Vally Weigl); vocal range: g#–g''
5. O Nacht, du silberbleiche / Oh night, thou silvery pale one (Hermann Hesse; translated into English by Lydia Perera and Vally Weigl); vocal range: a#–e#''

Composed in 1907, according to composer's holograph works list of 1938.
Manuscript sources NYPL JOB 73-118, holograph score. See also ÖNB Mus.Hs.36832.
Publication details Edition Strache, 1920 [?]: Strache No. 32 E. St. 227–E. St. 231 (performance score and part). Today publisher of record is ACA.
Availabiity Score available from ACA and KWF.
Recordings No. 5, O Nacht, du Silberbleiche: William Warfield and David Garvey (LP: Orion ORS 81407, 1973).

Five Songs op. 10: no. 5, O Nacht, Du Silberbleiche / Night, thou silvery pale one
William Warfield and David Garvey

Performances (click icon to expand or collapse list)
21 February 1908*** Vienna, Ansorge Verein, Liederabend Mahler—Zemlinsky—Schönberg—Weigl: Helene Oberländer, mezzo-soprano; Alexander von Zemlinsky, piano.
January 1913 Vienna, Bösendorfer-Saal: Margarete Bum, soprano; unidentified pianist.
26 February 1913 Vienna, Saal der Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft, Liederabend Karl Weigl; Margarete Bum, soprano; Karl Weigl, piano (nos. 2, 3, and 4).
11 January 1914 Vienna, Konzerthaus, Schubert Saal: Frieda Neuhauser, soprano; Anny Nikel, piano (nos. 1, 2, and 5).
28 March 1914 Vienna, Konzerthaus, Schubert Saal: Emmy Heim, alto; Vaclav Stepan, piano.
1 April 1925 Vienna, Kleiner Konzerthaussaal, Kompositions-Abend Karl Weigl: Emilie Bittner, soprano; Karl Weigl, piano (nos. 3 and 4).
16 November 1931 Vienna, private musicale, Zur Weihe des Hauses Schmitz [Fritzi Schmitz]: Maria Weigl [or Grete Schneider?], soprano; Karl Weigl, piano.
26 January 1932 Vienna, Neuer Frauenklub, Liederabend moderner österreichischer Komponisten: Otti Hey, singer; Karl Weigl, piano (nos. 3 and 5). Also on program: works by works by Franz Mittler; Fritz E. Pamer; Joseph Marx; Alban Berg; Ernst Krenek.
8 November 1934 Vienna, Musikverein, Kleiner Saal, Liederabend Elsa Weigl-Pazeller: Elsa Weigl-Pazeller, soprano; Otto Janowitz, piano (nos. 1 and 2). Also on program: songs by Walter Klein, Walter Bricht, Hugo Kauder, Hugo Wolf.
21 April 1937 Vienna: Gerda Redlich, alto; unidentified pianist.
21 April 1937 Brno, radio concert and broadcast: Gerda Redlich, alto; unidentified, piano. Also on program: Erich Zeisl, Passacaglia für großes Orchester; and works by Friedrich Wildgans and Julius Bittner.
7 April 1945 New York, Brooklyn Museum, Ask The Composer, Outstanding Contemporary Composers and Their Music—Karl Weigl: Five Songs for soprano and piano, op. 23, with Sally Cherry Pestcoe, soprano, and Karl Weigl, piano. Also on the program: Pictures and Tales op. 2 for piano duet, with Karl Weigl and Vally Weigl, piano; Adagio from Violin Sonata No. 1 op. 16, “The Singing Bird’s Song Before Night,” with Boris Schwarz, violin, and Karl Weigl, piano; Five Songs for mezzo-soprano and piano, with Alice Howland, soprano, and Karl Weigl, piano; Two Pieces for violoncello and piano op. 33, with James Scholz, cello, and Karl Weigl, piano.
3 May 1945 unidentified venue: Maria Pos-Carloforti, alto; Karl Weigl, piano (3 nos.).
3 May 1945 New York: Maria Pos-Carloforti, alto; Karl Weigl, piano.
20 April 1959 New York, Mannes College of Music, Karl Weigl Memorial Concert: Georgia Davis, contralto; Richard Woitach, piano.
29 October 1973 New York, Donnell Library: Helen Phillips, mezzo-soprano; Vally Weigl [?], piano.
2 June 1981 Spoleto, Washington: Piccolo Spoleto, All-Weigl Program: unidentified soprano; Max Lifchit, piano.
3 October 1981 New York, Carnegie Recital Hall, Mahler-Weigl Anniversary Program: Beth Schwartz, mezzo-soprano; unidentified pianist.
5 October 1999 Budapest, Benczúr Ház, The Music of Karl Weigl Memorial Concerts, concert 2: Seven Songs op. 1 (Michael Kutner and Bárkányi Eva); Five Songs op. 10 nos. 2 and 3 and Six Songs for mezzo-soprano no. 5 (Evelyn Chih-Yih Chan and Bárkányi Eva); Viola Sonata (Garth Knox and Stephan Ginsburgh); Five Songs for soprano and string quartet (Evelyn Chih-Yih Chan and Akadémia Quartet [Környei Zsófia, Bodó Antónia, Móré László, Maróth Bálint]).